Hot Wax Torture

The actual theme for this fresh slaves in love movie update is the candle wax. This time we have two masters that get to abuse their sex toy for the afternoon. The lady that’s getting the harsh treatment today is another one of those ladies that’s a bit masochistic. she got in trouble purposely for this thing and she knew that she would be in for some hard punishment. But that’s the thing, she loves getting it. Well the guys do her bidding as they intend to give her her very much needed and beloved harsh treatment in today’s slavesinlove scene.

The two guys were enjoying their afternoon as the naughty little slut was awaiting her punishment and sure enough, eventually they call her in. They have her stay in the doggie style position on all fours as they begin to pour candle wax on her naughty little ass. And while at it you get to see some incredible views of her sexy pussy as well. Then they break out the whips and start spanking her ass with them for being such a naughty little woman. As always we hope you enjoyed the content guys and see you next week! For similar content, you can watch some ball gagged videos! See you next time, friends! Have fun!


Watch here this hot slave getting tortured with hot wax!